5+ Resources to Help Students Explore the World from Home

This post was written by K-5th special projects teacher Jennifer Burgin. In March, our worlds felt topsy-turvy. Schools closed, children went home, families encountered one another all day. In a blog post, I shared how it impacted my teacher’s heart, and how I was spurred to action through encouragement from my National Geographic Education peers. This perpetuated across the summer and into the Fall, and … Continue reading 5+ Resources to Help Students Explore the World from Home

How to be an Ocean Hero

Shannon L. Switzer Swanson is an award-winning photographer, published writer, and National Geographic Young Explorer whose work focuses on ocean conservation. There are many definitions of a “hero.” Each of us has our own personal opinion of the qualities a hero must possess and the people we personally consider to be heroes. I don’t know about you, but the idea of a hero as a … Continue reading How to be an Ocean Hero

Geography in the News: Geocaching

By Neal Lineback and Mandy Lineback Gritzner, Geography in the NewsTM A new kind of hunter is lurking in our woods and parks, in our parking lots and shopping malls. This hunter is called a geocacher and is usually part of a team (most likely his or her own family) using a hand-held global positioning system (GPS) unit to locate a hidden stash or cache. … Continue reading Geography in the News: Geocaching

Get Started with #Kiteography

Welcome to the first episode of Geo#, a web series dedicated to sharing the work of National Geographic and inviting you to take part. In each episode, host Sean O’Connor features a project–it might involve a National Geographic explorer, photographer, or cartographer–and highlights what it’s all about for you, and provides a hashtag that you can use to take part in the conversation and activity, on … Continue reading Get Started with #Kiteography

Everything You Need to Ward Off Those Back-To-School Blues

Hey parents! Did you know that we have an entire section of the website dedicated to FAMILIES? It’s true! Everything you need to educate and entertain your family can be found in one convenient location! Explore the families, students, and kids sections of the National Geographic Education website and find resources to help your students get through the year! We have hundreds of FREE resources to … Continue reading Everything You Need to Ward Off Those Back-To-School Blues