True Grit Trumps Talent and IQ

EDUCATION Here’s a story every parent (and educator) should read: Self-control and grit—not talent or IQ—may hold the keys to a better life. Pioneering research psychologist Angela Duckworth and her team devise strategies to help students learn how to work and adapt in the face of temptation, distraction, and defeat. (7,703 words) (National Geographic News) Read our “real-world geography” profile of Angela Duckworth. Then take … Continue reading True Grit Trumps Talent and IQ

Failure is the Best Medicine

BUSINESS Frustration and failure fuel Dyson’s success In this terrific interview, Sir James Dyson explains how his innovative designs—the bagless vacuum cleaner made him a billionaire—only succeeded because of his past failures. Discussion ideas: Watch this short video (“Turning Failure into Nobel Gold“), in which chemist Martin Chalfie describes “the real way science is done.” Chalfie’s colleague Osamu Shimomura conducted experiment after experiment where “Nothing worked!” … Continue reading Failure is the Best Medicine