Mariana displays her students' work

Educator Spotlight: International Travel From Home

Mariana Oprea is a K-12 exceptional children’s teacher at Piedmont High School in Monroe, North Carolina. She has been teaching for 14 years. Activity: Exploring World Cultures Subjects: Exceptional Children’s Education Grades: K-12  Tell us about your activity. What did you need to prepare? My students and I often do in-depth studies of specific countries. To get students thinking, I like to set up the … Continue reading Educator Spotlight: International Travel From Home

It’s Never Too Early

From the Lawrence (Kansas) Journal-World: Geography child’s play for this toddler genius “Some toddlers like to draw smiley faces and stick figures. Tavi Shaffer-Green likes to draw detailed maps of the world.” “Tavi is still in diapers and hasn’t yet started preschool, but he can identify all the countries in the world — with the exception of maybe a Pacific island or two — and … Continue reading It’s Never Too Early