A Life-Changing Summer: An Intern’s Experience at National Geographic

Erin Spencer is a junior at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. As an Ecology major and Marine Science minor, she hopes to one day study coral reef conservation. In Erin’s own words, “what other job lets you scuba dive and wear shorts to work?” Originally from north of Baltimore, Maryland, she grew up riding horses and reading National Geographic! This summer, she interned in National Geographic’s Digital Media department, working mainly with online Travel content. She researched potential articles, learned web design, and wrote a few times a week for the Intelligent Travel blog. Here’s a little glimpse at her National Geographic experience.
This summer changed my life.
When I look back over the events of the past three months, that’s the only way I can summarize it. This summer was possibly the most exciting, inspiring, and exhausting thing I’ve ever experienced. But I’ve found that when it comes to describe my time at National Geographic, it’s hard to do. How do I condense this experience into a few short sentences? There’s no way to do it justice. So instead, I tell one story that seems to encompass the invigorating environment of Nat Geo: the Explorer’s Symposium

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