Oceanographers See the Light

SCIENCE National Geographic Emerging Explorer David Gruber found a secret world under the sea—and it glows. His expeditions have turned up hundreds of shimmering creatures, all showing off for one another with a mysterious fluorescence. It’s an underwater display that had never been seen before. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to learn more about marine creatures’ “Living Light.” Teachers, scroll all the way down … Continue reading Oceanographers See the Light

The Inspiration III shortly after landing to launch the Flying Classroom expedition at Reagan National Airport in Washington, D.C. September 30, 2014

A business jet, a virtual classroom, powered by students’ minds.

By Andrew Rasner, National Geographic Intern That’s how Barrington Irving, a National Geographic Emerging Explorer who at 23 became the youngest person to fly around the world, describes his newest project, The Flying Classroom. This fall, Irving is making another transcontinental trip, stopping at more than 30 locations across North America, Asia, and Australia as students from across the country follow along in their classrooms. To … Continue reading A business jet, a virtual classroom, powered by students’ minds.

One Man’s Compost is This Man’s Lunch

By Evan Gover, National Geographic Intern National Geographic Explorers are experts in their respective fields, trailblazers whose innovative ideas and accomplishments are making a significant difference in the world.   2014 Emerging Explorer Tristram Stuart is a renowned activist waging a worldwide war against food waste. Read more about his “Pig Idea” for saving the planet below! Tristram has devoted his life to addressing the … Continue reading One Man’s Compost is This Man’s Lunch

Swarming Disaster

ENVIRONMENT For the third year in a row, skies over Madagascar are black with millions of locusts—the insects of biblical fame that gobble up crops and ravage landscapes, mostly in countries where people barely get by. (NPR) Use our resources to better understand the “Lessons of a Cannibal Plague.” Thanks to Alli for the heads-up on this great current-event connection! This video, which describes Madagascar’s … Continue reading Swarming Disaster

What Does it Take to Be an Explorer?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at National Geographic. This week is the 8th annual Explorers Symposium, and campus is buzzing with some of the brightest minds on the planet. The National Geographic Explorers are back in town, and this year we’re celebrating a new group of visionaries in addition to welcoming old friends back. You might think an explorer looks like this … Continue reading What Does it Take to Be an Explorer?