How One Class of First Graders Responded to the Illegal Ivory Trade

This week is Explorers Week, when National Geographic brings together some of the most interesting scientists and explorers making a difference in the world today. In honor of the occasion, the Education team challenged a group of local teachers to design an end-of-year project focusing on one of National Geographic’s 2016 Emerging Explorers. We’ll be sharing their class’ stories all week on the Education Blog. Educator: … Continue reading How One Class of First Graders Responded to the Illegal Ivory Trade

And the ‘Golden Tusk’ Award goes to…

Hi! It’s Olivia from OMG here. Each week, I get to interview some amazing people from around the world and this week is no exception. Animal conservation is a big thing to me and my brother, so whenever we hear about someone doing something special to save animals, it makes us feel better because we know we are not the only ones helping to save … Continue reading And the ‘Golden Tusk’ Award goes to…

Does U.S. Ivory Crush Go Far Enough?

UNITED STATES A growing stash of more than six tons of ivory from slaughtered elephants, heaped in a warehouse north of Denver, is about to be destroyed as part of a new U.S. push to combat illegal wildlife trafficking worldwide. (Denver Post) It will be a symbolic act. But symbolism matters. (National Geographic News: Opinion) Use our resources to better understand the ivory trade. Learn … Continue reading Does U.S. Ivory Crush Go Far Enough?

An Elephant Never Forgets

What comes to mind when you think of elephants? For me, it’s lovable characters from my childhood. Jean de Brunhoff’s Babar, Disney’s Dumbo and Seuss’s Horton taught me about wisdom, individuality and courage through their reactions and choices. For this, I’ll never forget them. In some ways, that simple statement makes me like them. After all, an elephant never forgets. But what happens if we … Continue reading An Elephant Never Forgets