Five for Friday: Five Fun Educational Contests with Great Prizes!

Calling all teachers, educators, parents, and kids: Check out these contests and see if you’re eligible to participate. Unleash your creativity, win a range of prizes, get recognition for your work, and learn something along the way!

Thumbnail image for Video Camera.jpgSolve for Tomorrow
Who can enter? Grades 6-12
When are entries due? October 24, 2010
What is it? Samsung and its partners are asking teachers to participate in its contest which will address a key academic challenge in our country: to increase the pursuit of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education. By filling out the application, you will be entered for a chance to participate in Phase Two of the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest. Out of the applicants, 50 educators will be chosen to have their classes create videos addressing the question, “How can Science and Math help improve the environment in your community?” All 50 chosen teachers will be sent a video creation kit to help complete the task.
What do you win? A technology and software package and a chance to go to an awards ceremony in NYC!

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