Every Day is Earth Day for Our Explorers

In honor of Earth Day on April 22, here are five ways Nat Geo explorers are protecting the planet! Katey Walter Anthony 1) Global warming is causing permafrost in the Arctic to thaw, which releases methane into the atmosphere, which in turn contributes to global warming. Explorer Katey Walter Anthony is researching this dangerous cycle and hoping to harness methane as a renewable energy source. … Continue reading Every Day is Earth Day for Our Explorers

Weekly Warm-Up: 5 Ways to Inspire Student Environmentalists in Time for Earth Day

Nearly 50 years ago, the first Earth Day inspired millions of Americans and helped spark the modern environmental movement. Yet today the issues Earth Day brings to light—climate change, water pollution, deforestation, and many others—remain as relevant as ever. Wondering how to introduce your students to Earth Day? Check out our National Geographic Explorer! magazine article, “Celebrate Earth,” and our corresponding activity. Ready to dive … Continue reading Weekly Warm-Up: 5 Ways to Inspire Student Environmentalists in Time for Earth Day

Incorporating Live Broadcasts into Your Classroom

To celebrate Earth Day, National Geographic hosted a Google Hangout—a free, online face-to-face discussion—with real-world scientists.  The #OurEarth: Innovation in Exploration Google Hangout focused on the technology behind scientific expeditions. Scientists discussed the tools they use to measure Arctic ice flows and explore the mysteries of lightening strikes. One scientist even participated in the discussion from underwater, showing off the tools he uses to study … Continue reading Incorporating Live Broadcasts into Your Classroom

Earth Day 2013

ENVIRONMENT Earth Day 2013 Every year on April 22, more than a billion people take part in Earth Day. According to the Earth Day Network, “Across the globe, individuals, communities, organizations, and governments acknowledge the amazing planet we call home and take action to protect it.” Join our Google Hangout to see how explorers are marking Earth Day! The theme for Earth Day 2013 is The … Continue reading Earth Day 2013

April 2010 Newsletter

Read the April 2010 Newsletter: “Going Green with Geography” to find out what a dirt cup is, and more!

April Challenge: Greenscaping: Green Your Yard!
GeoFeature: Celebrate Earth Day Inside
Geography in the News: Casey Trees Community Tree Planting Program
Blog: National Environmental Education Week

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