Berry Interesting Road Trip

BUSINESS Some 80% of U.S. fruits and vegetables are grown on large farms and trucked hundreds of miles to their final destination. To track a crop’s travels, two Nat Geo reporters followed a truck filled with strawberries from a central California field to a store near the magazine’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. (National Geographic News) Use our MapMaker Interactive to follow the berries from farm … Continue reading Berry Interesting Road Trip

Food for Thought

FOOD No one on the planet should go hungry. The world’s farmers actually grow more calories than the World Food Programme recommendation for a healthy diet. In most places, the challenge is access. (National Geographic News) Read a version of this article on our site, explore undernourishment data from around the world with MapMaker Interactive, and check out our Food Education collection, providing resources for … Continue reading Food for Thought

Specialty Coffee Market Is Full of (Good) Beans

GEOGRAPHY Coffee growers and shippers from developing nations are saving their businesses by improving the quality of their beans and appealing to the elite “specialty coffee” market. (NPR) Trace the geography of coffee by mimicking our Geography of a Pencil activity. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit.   Discussion Ideas: The NPR story outlines a supply chain that … Continue reading Specialty Coffee Market Is Full of (Good) Beans