Another Migrant Boat Sinks in Mediterranean

WORLD Dozens of migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean after a boat carrying an estimated 137 people sank south of Sicily. (BBC) Use this excellent activity to better understand patterns of human migration in the Mediterranean basin and elsewhere. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit, including a link to today’s MapMaker Interactive map. Discussion Ideas Why are … Continue reading Another Migrant Boat Sinks in Mediterranean

The Truth about Syrian Refugee Camps

WORLD The crisis is even bigger than we thought, and the conditions are explosive. Here are five things we need to keep in mind. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to better understand the refugee crisis. Discussion Ideas Watch our “Picture of Practice” video “Understanding Self Through Media.” In the video, a 7th-grade teacher reviews how she helps her students create “media-to-self” and “peer-to-self” connections. … Continue reading The Truth about Syrian Refugee Camps

Ethiopians Resettle in ‘Villagization’ Plan

WORLD Ethiopians Resettle in ‘Villagization’ Plan Ethiopia’s effort to resettle local farmers into main villages while also leasing land to foreign corporations or wealthy Ethiopians has put it under scrutiny for charges of violent forced relocations. Discussion Ideas According to the Christian Science Monitor article, about 45,000 rural households (usually, families) in the Gambela region of western Ethiopia are being relocated in a process called … Continue reading Ethiopians Resettle in ‘Villagization’ Plan