Weekly Warm-Up: Brazil Celebrates the ‘Day of the Geographer’

In the United States, we pay homage to some of our greatest men and women by recognizing their professional lives. From Presidents’ Day to Veterans’ Day to Labor Day, all of us enjoy holidays in celebration of the hard work we put into our livelihoods for over 50 weeks each year. As the United States honors its fallen soldiers during next week’s Memorial Day observances, … Continue reading Weekly Warm-Up: Brazil Celebrates the ‘Day of the Geographer’

Why are U.S. Students Bad at Geography?

EDUCATION Nearly three-quarters of eighth-graders tested below proficient in geography on the Nation’s Report Card. Now a new study suggests some reasons why. (U.S. News and World Report) The new government report relied heavily on our own Road Map Project—click here to learn more about the road map for large-scale improvement of K-12 geography education. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources … Continue reading Why are U.S. Students Bad at Geography?

Following in Mum’s Footsteps

Did you see Matt Lauer’s much-talked-about interview with Princes William and Harry on Dateline last Monday night? The heirs to the British throne sat down with Lauer to discuss the ten-year anniversary of their mother’s untimely death. Princess Diana, considered by many to be the most famous woman in the world, was especially well known for her involvement with international charitable organizations. It seems that … Continue reading Following in Mum’s Footsteps