Mosquitoes: What’s the Point?

ENVIRONMENT We could wipe mosquitoes off the face of the Earth. Why don’t we? (Nat Geo News) Use our resources to learn a little about a slightly less drastic alternative here. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit, and vote in today’s poll! Discussion Ideas It is very unusual for the good folks at National Geographic to openly … Continue reading Mosquitoes: What’s the Point?

Beached. Blue. Bloated.

SCIENCE A dead blue whale washed up on the shore of a small fishing town in Newfoundland last week. A bloated, beached, blubbery bomb of a blue whale. As of Thursday morning, the carcass is still intact, but onlookers are worried that it might soon explode. Literally. (The Atlantic) Use our resources to learn more about the life and death of blue whales.   Discussion … Continue reading Beached. Blue. Bloated.