Google’s Camel-Cam Street View

TECHNOLOGY It’s given us robot cars and internet-enabled glasses—but when it came to creating a “Street View” of a desert, Google hit on a low-tech solution. It hired a camel. (CNN) Use our resources to find out how else scientists and geographers obtain data—and how you can help! (Camel not required.) Discussion Ideas Google Maps’ “Street View” offers 360-degree panoramic views of almost any location … Continue reading Google’s Camel-Cam Street View

Small Cameras, Big Stories

TECHNOLOGY Exciting developments in camera technology have leveled out the playing field between professional and amateur wildlife filmmakers. How do photographers and filmmakers “animal-proof” a camera, and how can your footage stand out from the crowd? (BBC) Check this collection to learn about animal-proofing a camera, and how some young engineers and filmmakers rose to the challenge! Discussion Ideas What are some advantages to using … Continue reading Small Cameras, Big Stories

Creature Feature: Crittercam

Have you ever wondered what a shark sees as it swims through the ocean? What a manatee does in its free time? What penguins do when no one is looking? National Geographic scientists and engineers have come up with a creative way to answer these questions. Crittercam is a camera designed to be worn on the back of a wild animal. These innovative cameras do … Continue reading Creature Feature: Crittercam

Hack a Roach

TECHNOLOGY Researchers are turning cockroaches into smartphone-controlled cyborgs for use in search-and rescue-operations. (NOVA PBS, see the video below!) With $50, three hours, some electronics savvy, and an aversion to squeamishness, you, too, can build your own RoboRoach army! Use our resources to see other ways engineers are developing gadgets and gizmos to take over the world. Discussion Ideas According to the NOVA video, futuristic “bugbots” … Continue reading Hack a Roach

One “Wild” and Worthwhile Weekend

About a week ago I joined a MWW staffer on a trip to the Busch Gardens theme park with CritterCam, part of National Geographic’s remote imaging division. “Critter Cams” are tiny video cameras that are deployed on animals to help uncover scientific “mysteries.” CritterCam was at Busch Gardens as part of “Wild Days,” a special event promoting awareness and conservation of animals from around the … Continue reading One “Wild” and Worthwhile Weekend