Climate Action: 250 Schools, 69 Countries Focusing on Climate Change

By Koen Timmers As a student, I frequently learned via boring textbooks about certain subjects, and I remember very little about those topics since I didn’t make any emotional connection and thus wasn’t engaged. As an educator, I decided to do things differently and welcomed students across six continents to focus on climate change and exchange thoughts. The result? The Climate Action Project! Collaboration is … Continue reading Climate Action: 250 Schools, 69 Countries Focusing on Climate Change

#TeachNatGeo Helps Your Classroom Go Green!

Earth is our home. We share our planet with billions of other people, plants, and animals, and it’s our job to take care of it. What better place to go green than the classroom? Here are a few tips for teachers who want their classrooms and students to be eco-friendly. Whether it’s on our list or not, share what you’re doing to make your classroom … Continue reading #TeachNatGeo Helps Your Classroom Go Green!

Cool Opportunity: “Burst” Into Learning

Registration is Open NOW for the 2014 Winter Session of the NEON Citizen Science Academy.  CSA 502 “Using Project BudBurst Data in An Educational Setting” features an exciting new set of online data visualization tools developed by the National Geographic FieldScope program. It will also cover plant adaptations to a changing climate and links between Project BudBurst data and other broadscale data sets. This course is offered in one … Continue reading Cool Opportunity: “Burst” Into Learning