You Hired Barack Obama; Now It’s Time to Manage Him

Addendum! One final entry for the Youth Media Blog-a-Thon on “regime change.

PrimaryHCLogo_web.jpgIf there was any question about young people’s power to change the world, the 2008 presidential election answered it. Beyond the fact that 66% of young voters (18-29) voted for Obama, the real impact was on the primaries. Obama consistently outpaced Hillary Clinton among the younger age groups. When you consider the razor-thin margin by which he won, you can state with certainty that if it wasn’t for young voters, there would have been a Clinton vs. McCain general election. “Yes We Can” is only true because so many young voters can say “Yes We Did.”

For a nonpartisan organization like HeadCount (, the actual outcome of the election is not our concern. But the facts are the facts, and it can’t be ignored that the very demographic we targeted for voter registration are the ones who skewed strongest toward the candidate who won. It means our work really does have political impact, and that young people really have become a key voting bloc.

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No Geography Left Behind?

Guest Blogger Chris Shearer examines the state of federal support for Geography education.

may be wondering to yourself, “If the world is becoming
flat, or post-American, or potentially close to collapse,
how is it that Geography–THE subject in school that
addresses these issues so well–is given such short shrift?” Okay, maybe you
weren’t wondering this but I, as a card-carrying geography education advocate,
was wondering it for you.

here’s one possible answer: federal policy.

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