Sarah Lavezzo: Peacebuilding Toolkit

Sarah Lavezzo, this week’s Educator of the Week, is an enrichment teacher for grades 1-5 at an elementary school in Washington, D.C. She previously taught fifth grade. This is her second year using the U.S. Institute of Peace’s Peacebuilding Toolkit with her students. Activity: Peacebuilding Grade Level: 1-5 Time Commitment: fifteen 45-minute sessions (can be modified to be longer/shorter) While teaching fifth grade, I attended a … Continue reading Sarah Lavezzo: Peacebuilding Toolkit

Recliner Rage

UNITED STATES Recently, an argument between airline passengers over reclining seats became so tense that the pilots of the fight diverted the Boeing 737 from Denver to Chicago. Days later, two other flights were diverted because of similar disagreements. (Associated Press) Use our activity “Defend Your Personal Territory” to learn about less drastic measures of conflict resolution. Discussion Ideas Read through our terrific twin activities … Continue reading Recliner Rage

Celebrate ‘Peace Day’

POLITICS On Sept. 21, the United Nations marks the International Day of Peace with a call to invest in education that embraces global citizenship based on values of tolerance and diversity. (UN News Centre) Use our resources to help encourage tolerance, diversity, and global citizenship. Discussion Ideas In the video above, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon encourages teaching the values of “tolerance and mutual respect.” (Fast … Continue reading Celebrate ‘Peace Day’

Obama Plans ‘Listening Tour’ of Israel

WORLD Obama Plans ‘Listening Tour’ of Israel When U.S. President Barack Obama arrives in Israel on Wednesday, he will not be carrying detailed plans for a Middle East peace process. Instead, Obama has planned a “listening tour,” where he looks forward to hearing both Israeli and Palestinian proposals for increased diplomacy. National Geographic Emerging Explorer Aziz Abu Sarah is a cultural educator working to build … Continue reading Obama Plans ‘Listening Tour’ of Israel