Navigating Education Deserts

EDUCATION For students applying to colleges and universities, geography matters. Most public college students enroll within 50 miles of home, so location is more influential than policymakers think, a new study finds. (Inside Higher Ed) Geography matters! Prove it! Join your local Alliance for Geographic Education. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas The Inside Higher … Continue reading Navigating Education Deserts

Mascots and College Students Team Up to Save Big Cats

Guest bloggers Dr. Alex Oberle and Mollie Ullestad represent the Geographic Alliance of Iowa (GAI), a National Geographic-supported organization that works to advance geography education in Iowa. Alex is an Associate Professor of Geography at the University of Northern Iowa and the Coordinator for the GAI. Mollie is a Geography Education student at the University of Northern Iowa and the Undergraduate Research Assistant for the … Continue reading Mascots and College Students Team Up to Save Big Cats

Missing from College Stadiums: Students

SPORTS Football stadiums will be packed this weekend for the kickoff of the college season. But many of the student sections are likely to have empty seats, a sign of soaring ticket prices, more lopsided games, fewer match-ups against longtime rivals, and the proliferation of televised games that make it easier than ever for students to keep tailgating long after kickoff. (Wall Street Journal) Is … Continue reading Missing from College Stadiums: Students

College Players May Unionize

SPORTS Members of Northwestern University’s football team are preparing to cast the ballots that will decide whether they will form a labor union. (The Daily Northwestern) Use our resources to better understand unions and alliances. Discussion Ideas Read through our excellent activity “Introduction to Unions and Alliances.” Adapt the activity’s questions to the union debate surrounding the Northwestern Wildcats. What are some unions and alliances Wildcat … Continue reading College Players May Unionize

Most Lucrative College Majors

BUSINESS What you major in (engineering) has a bigger influence over your (engineering) income than where you go to school (for engineering), according to a new economic analysis. (NPR) Use our STEM resources to get a head start. Discussion Ideas Look at our collection of STEM resources. STEM is science, technology, engineering, and math. How does STEM align with the list of lucrative college majors? Very … Continue reading Most Lucrative College Majors