Specialty Coffee Market Is Full of (Good) Beans

GEOGRAPHY Coffee growers and shippers from developing nations are saving their businesses by improving the quality of their beans and appealing to the elite “specialty coffee” market. (NPR) Trace the geography of coffee by mimicking our Geography of a Pencil activity. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit.   Discussion Ideas: The NPR story outlines a supply chain that … Continue reading Specialty Coffee Market Is Full of (Good) Beans

Journey to Panama: Part IV

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A sound night’s sleep revived us and gave us the energy to start out the day as English teachers. We met Marco outside the school at 7:00am and he assigned us each a class to teach. The children anxiously jumped at the opportunity to learn from native speakers.  By the end of the hour, the students had mastered the “good mornings,” “thank yous,” and “goodbyes.” Throughout the rest of our stay in Sambú, the students would greet us in English on the street just as they had in the classroom, “gut easevenings!”

After class, we ran back to the guesthouse and gathered equipment for our trek with Juan Loco. Bows, arrows, and fishing poles made of caña blanca, a plant that resembles bamboo, were our tools. With our arms full, we carefully walked down the muddy riverbank to the canoe. Though the mud from the banks of the Sambú devoured our boots, Juan Loco’s swollen bare feet kept him aloft on the clay. His 70-year-old wife, Otelia, joined us on the trek as well, and her pace was just as quick.

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Earth Day

Colombia, Japan, the Gulf of Mexico; this morning alone you have traveled across the world just by completing your morning routine. From the coffee you brew, to the car you drive, we are living as part of a global community. Earth Day is a reminder to keep ourselves mindful of all the small things we do that affect the planet we share. Individuals and organizations … Continue reading Earth Day