Strategy Share: Coding and Innovation for Our Planet’s Future

On my Grosvenor Teacher Fellowship expedition to Norway, I saw first-hand evidence of our changing global climate and developed the passion and desire to ask, “What can we do?” In my classroom, I have developed a culture of innovation and technological design. Was there a way I could work with my students to develop innovative, technological solutions to increase their awareness of our global impact? Continue reading Strategy Share: Coding and Innovation for Our Planet’s Future

Tech Industry Earns Some Cred

TECHNOLOGY A leader in the small but growing industry of “coder boot camps” announced plans to develop a new set of credentials aimed at certifying the skills these programs teach. (NPR) Use our resources to learn more about coding and why it’s so important to education. Teachers: Scroll all the way down for a short list of key resources in our “Teachers’ Toolkit.” Discussion Ideas … Continue reading Tech Industry Earns Some Cred

Google Science Fair Winners

SCIENCE Think about what you love, what you’re good at, and what you really want to change. Think about entering Google Science Fair 2015. But first, think about how these young scientists are changing the world, from world hunger to environmental clean-ups. (Google Science Fair) Use our resources to see where science can take your career. And the winners are . . . Natural Bacteria … Continue reading Google Science Fair Winners

Reading, Writing, and Code

TECHNOLOGY Computer coding instruction is growing at Internet speeds. Since December, 20,000 teachers have introduced coding lessons, according to, a group backed by the tech industry that offers free curriculums. In addition, some 30 school districts, including New York City and Chicago, have agreed to add coding classes. And policy makers in nine states have begun awarding the same credits for computer science classes … Continue reading Reading, Writing, and Code