10 Things We Learned This Week!

What did you learn this week? Let us know in the comments or at education@ngs.org. This week, we learned … … there is a secret library in Syria—and users dodge bullets to reach it. Learn more about the civil war in Syria here.     … students who take AP classes don’t actually get better grades. Still interested in AP? Try material from our AP … Continue reading 10 Things We Learned This Week!

Robo-Roach to the Rescue?

TECHNOLOGY Have you ever stomped a roach, just to have it skitter away unscathed? Now scientists know how they do that, and how to put it to good use. (Nat Geo Phenomena blog) Browse through other ways scientists are studying nature for the latest technology. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas Take a look at … Continue reading Robo-Roach to the Rescue?

Hack a Roach

TECHNOLOGY Researchers are turning cockroaches into smartphone-controlled cyborgs for use in search-and rescue-operations. (NOVA PBS, see the video below!) With $50, three hours, some electronics savvy, and an aversion to squeamishness, you, too, can build your own RoboRoach army! Use our resources to see other ways engineers are developing gadgets and gizmos to take over the world. Discussion Ideas According to the NOVA video, futuristic “bugbots” … Continue reading Hack a Roach

There Goes the Neighborhood

ENVIRONMENT Cockroaches have neighborhoods, too. At least in New York City, where researchers are conducting a citizen-science project to trace the insects’ diverse ancestry and migration patterns. The geno-cockroach project? (National Geographic News) Squash a bug, for SCIENCE. Then use our resources to find other citizen science projects. Discussion Ideas New York City’s three “cockroach communities” identified in the Nat Geo News article are the … Continue reading There Goes the Neighborhood

#GreatNature: The Beauty of a Bug

This blog post was written by Alecia Jurado, former Great Nature Project intern. We’re sharing National Geographic staff and friends’ stories about nature to celebrate the Great Nature Project. To share your own nature photos of plants and animals with National Geographic, visit greatnatureproject.org.  It’s 9:45 PM and I’ve found myself stranded in my room after a certain encounter with an unexpected visitor in my bathroom … Continue reading #GreatNature: The Beauty of a Bug