Watch the Sahara Fertilize the Amazon

SCIENCE On one side of the Atlantic is one of the driest splotches of land on Earth. On the other side is one of the wettest and most fertile. Despite the miles of open ocean separating the Sahara and Amazon, the two locales do share a commonality—nutrient-rich dust. (UPI) Take a look at a satellite photo of the so-called Sahara dust layer. Teachers, scroll down … Continue reading Watch the Sahara Fertilize the Amazon

Finding a Balance Between Technology and Nature

Rule of thumb: When heading to a technology conference, even things out by doing at least one thing outside and away from the technology that permeates our lives.  In my case, the conference is the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) Annual Conference. And the doing something outdoors: a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park, outside of Denver where the conference is taking place.


Well, I exaggerate. I didn’t throw all technology in the trash bin and head into the Rockies empty-handed. I did bring my iPhone to take photos with and to use the National Geographic Birding app (we identified robins, gray jays, and stellar jays along with the mammalian marmots and pikas identified with the field guide we got from a park ranger).  

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