The High-Adventure Science Collection

By Elaine Larson What do fresh water availability, climate change, the future of energy, air quality, land management, and the search for life in space have in common? They are all topics investigated through a comprehensive new collection of online lessons for middle and high school Earth and environmental science classrooms, developed with funding from NSF and in partnership with The Concord Consortium, a prominent … Continue reading The High-Adventure Science Collection

Climate Change Could Mean Bumpier Flights

ENVIRONMENT Climate Change Could Mean Bumpier Flights Buckle up—thanks to climate change, airline passengers may be in for a bumpier ride. By 2050, airplanes could see a doubling in instances of turbulence over the North Atlantic Ocean—one of the world’s busiest flight corridors—due to shifts in the jet stream as a result of global warming, according to a new study. Discussion Ideas: This study links … Continue reading Climate Change Could Mean Bumpier Flights