Strategy Share: Empowering Students to Create Case Studies

Case studies are an excellent instrument for teaching that can be used across subject areas. They allow students to dig into learning because they connect complex concepts to the real world. The creation process is valuable in itself. I couldn’t let this opportunity pass my students by; I had to involve them in the process. Continue reading Strategy Share: Empowering Students to Create Case Studies


We are back from Winter Break and full swing into the wonderful world of 3rd grade! We are also… tired. But isn’t everyone? That tiredness though, and the adjustment period back into school routines, means that we (teachers and students alike) might bump into a few more dilemmas throughout our days. It happens! It is part of being human, and because we try to be … Continue reading Probletunities!

Wind Farm Project Halted

WORLD Expansion plans at the London Array, one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms, have come to a sudden halt. Owners blame concerns about migrating birds. (BBC) Use our resources to better understand the debate about offshore wind farms. Discussion Ideas Read the BBC article, then read through our activity “Stakeholder Debate: Wind Energy.” Adapt the activity’s analysis for the London Array debate. Who … Continue reading Wind Farm Project Halted