What’s Going on in Yemen?

WORLD Yemen is in the midst of an unfathomable humanitarian crisis. What factors are contributing to the conflict? (BBC and Lawfare) Where is Yemen? Use our map to customize a map of Yemen and the Arabian Peninsula. Discussion Ideas Read through the truly great Lawfare article on the Yemeni crisis, and try to unpack some of the issues with the questions below. Here’s its perfect … Continue reading What’s Going on in Yemen?

Who Is Fighting Whom in Syria?

POLITICS After years of civil war, Syria is now a country that lies in ruins. Thousands of people have died, millions have fled. With no end of the war in sight, groups continue to battle for control over large parts of the country. The Syrian government, ISIL, Kurdish factions, and several other rebel groups are still fighting for some of the most important parts of … Continue reading Who Is Fighting Whom in Syria?

5 Facts about Cinco de Mayo

UNITED STATES This Tuesday, many Americans will celebrate Cinco de Mayo. “But if you ask why is anyone celebrating, no one knows,” says one expert. (Nat Geo News). Learn the facts about Cinco de Mayo with our super-short This Day in Geographic History article. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit, including a link to today’s MapMaker Interactive … Continue reading 5 Facts about Cinco de Mayo

‘Lost Boy’ Pleads for Peace in South Sudan

WORLD Human rights activist John Bul Dau says wounds from the Second Sudanese Civil War in the 1980s have been reopened. South Sudan is now teetering on the edge of its own civil war following several weeks of violence that have claimed the lives of at least a thousand people and forced another 200,000 to flee their homes. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to … Continue reading ‘Lost Boy’ Pleads for Peace in South Sudan