Music in Our Schools, Music in Your Classroom!

The National Association for Music Education recognizes Music in Our Schools Month (MIOSM) as a time to “raise awareness of the importance of music education for all children—and to remind citizens that school is where all children should have access to music.” Here are five ways you can integrate music into geography, language arts, civics, and social studies classrooms. Use our diverse resources to explore … Continue reading Music in Our Schools, Music in Your Classroom!

Four Ways to Teach about Fidel Castro

WORLD Fidel Castro, who defined Cuba on the international stage for more than half a century, has died. Why is the former leader of a small, developing nation so important to the most powerful country on Earth? (American Experience) How will the U.S. relationship with Cuba change now that the diplomatic embargo that defined the Castro Era has ended? Teachers, scroll down for a quick … Continue reading Four Ways to Teach about Fidel Castro

Civics Moves Up in Class

EDUCATION After years on the back burner of the nation’s educational agenda, civics is making a comeback, with a number of states mandating new classes or assessments and a burgeoning national push for high-school seniors to pass the exam required of new citizens. (Wall Street Journal) Use the College, Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies State Standards to guidance helping students prepare … Continue reading Civics Moves Up in Class