Art and Geography

Two of my loves in life are art and geography; and, it seems, there are others that share my passions. An increasing number of artists are incorporating the themes of geography into their art. Meet a few during American Artist Appreciation Month! Valerie Ostenak Celebrating nature, celebrating the diversity of things that are growing, I’m part of the creative part of the universe. Valerie Ostenak … Continue reading Art and Geography

Check out ‘Map of the Day’!

Our esteemed cartographic colleagues at National Geographic Maps have a new feature we hope will be as habitual as your morning cup of coffee, and a great go-to as you return to class. (For instructional supports, just scroll down!) Map of the Day! National Geographic has compiled a digital archive of its entire editorial cartography collection—every map ever published in the magazine since the first issue … Continue reading Check out ‘Map of the Day’!

Mapping a World at War

WORLD A new interactive map highlights the shocking number of ongoing violent conflicts around the world. (Geographical) Watch our video series on “The Conflict Zone” to better understand how citizens can navigate a positive discourse amid violent conflict. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit. There is a great round-up of resources today! Discussion Ideas IRIN’s new visualization of … Continue reading Mapping a World at War

Driftwood Cartography

GEOGRAPHY As a source of information, a map is always a way of groping through the darkness of the unknown. But locating yourself in space has never been cartography’s sole function: like these driftwood pieces, maps inevitably chart how cultures perceive not only their landscapes but their lives. (Guardian) How did other indigenous islanders map their lives? Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of … Continue reading Driftwood Cartography

Children’s World Map Competition

We love maps, and so does International Cartographic Association! The 2017 Barbara Petchenik Children’s Map Competition is now accepting entries that fit with this year’s theme:”We love maps.” Organized by the International Cartographic Association, the annual competition is open to children and youth under 16 years of age. The goal of the competition is to “promote children’s creative representation of the world, to enhance their cartographic awareness and … Continue reading Children’s World Map Competition