What it’s like to work at National Geographic

Living in Washington, D.C., when meeting a person for the first time the conversation often goes like this: X: Hi, I’m X. Sam: Hi, I’m Sam. X: So, what do you do? Sam: I work at National Geographic. X: No way! What do you do there? The truth is, it’s hard to answer that question: “What do you do there?” In the simplest sense, the … Continue reading What it’s like to work at National Geographic

Mapmakers in the News

National Geographic’s chief cartographer, Allan Carroll, was recently profiled on the Washington Post‘s Kids Page. “I love my work, and all of us here love our work because it involves a really cool combination of technical and creative and artistic [skills],” Carroll says. Read more about Allan Carroll and cartography, then tell us what you think! My Wonderful World Home | About My Wonderful World … Continue reading Mapmakers in the News