Welcome the Week with Big Cats

‘Tis the season to celebrate our favorite fabulous felines! That’s right: Next weekend is Big Cat Weekend here at National Geographic! Big cats include lions, tigers, jaguars, leopards, and snow leopards. These extraordinary creatures, which play an incredibly important role in their ecosystems, cannot be replaced. If they are not at the top of the food chain, the delicate balance of trophic relationships will be … Continue reading Welcome the Week with Big Cats

How the Snowshoe Hare Is Losing Its Winter Whites

ENVIRONMENT As the climate warms, snowshoe hares are increasingly ditching their winter wardrobes and keeping the brown fur they sport during the rest of the year. Now, a new study shows how: by borrowing a gene from a jackrabbit. (Science) Why does the snowshoe hare change coats to begin with? Check out our terrific gallery of downloadable illustrations for some help. Teachers, scroll down for … Continue reading How the Snowshoe Hare Is Losing Its Winter Whites

Dinosaur Camo

SCIENCE A beautifully colored dinosaur fossil is the first to show evidence of camouflage. (Nat Geo News) What is camouflage? Use our resources to find out. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit. Discussion Ideas A remarkable fossil of Psittacosaurus is the first to exhibit evidence of camouflage. What is camouflage? Take a look at our nice encyclopedic … Continue reading Dinosaur Camo

Squid Skin Inspires Camouflage

SCIENCE Camouflaged clothing that mimics squid skin is being developed to hide soldiers from night-vision equipment. (Telegraph) Use our resources to better understand biomimicry, camouflage, and how technology is changing the clothes we wear. Discussion Ideas The military is developing sophisticated fabric using biomimicry—the process of using the natural world as a guide to develop new technology. Read some highlights from our collection of biomimicry … Continue reading Squid Skin Inspires Camouflage