Uncovering the British Atlantis

WORLD Doggerland, a lost world off the British coast that was flooded thousands of years ago, is slowly revealing its secrets. (Telegraph) Use our resources to explore the “British Atlantis” of Doggerland, and relate this content to Common Core and other standards with this handy blog post! Discussion Ideas Why does the Telegraph call the ancient region of Doggerland a “British Atlantis”? British: The marshy, … Continue reading Uncovering the British Atlantis

Astronaut Wants Our Help!

SCIENCE The European Space Agency is asking people to choose a name for British astronaut Tim Peake’s next mission to the International Space Station. (BBC) Any name is going to have a hard time topping this. Discussion Ideas The European Space Agency (ESA) competition to name Tim Peake’s mission is open to citizens or residents of all ESA member states. (Take a look here for … Continue reading Astronaut Wants Our Help!

Mr. Badger Should Be Worried

WORLD Mr. Badger Should Be Worried England debates whether a cull of the popular animal could help stem bovine tuberculosis. Everyone from actresses to astrophysicists-with-nice-side-gigs weighs in . . . with music, even. (So far, unsuccessfully.) Discussion Ideas Britain is considering a “cull” of the badger population in Gloucestershire and Somerset, regions in southwestern England. Do students know what a “cull” or “culling” is? Why … Continue reading Mr. Badger Should Be Worried

How about time-off instead of lay-offs?

800px-Office.JPGIn Europe, companies have traditionally turned to requiring that their employees take shorter workweeks, longer vacations and more time off when faced with an economic downturn… which is of course, very divergent from the United States model of cost-cutting. Even when not faced with a recession, France has a standard 35 hour workweek and Britain offers 6 weeks of paid vacation per year. However, if you are reading this from the U.S., I’m going to guess that you personally know someone who worked well over 40 hours per week but has now been laid off–and I’m sure you have seen the damage that it causes. But is one work environment intrinsically better than the other?

Continue reading “How about time-off instead of lay-offs?”