Orangutan Letter Writing Campaign

Did you know that orangutans share 96% the same DNA as you and me? That’s right, they are almost identical to us and yet we (as a whole) give little thought to what is happening to them and or what we as humans are doing to drive the species to the brink of extinction. Today I want to devote my article to orangutans. Before I … Continue reading Orangutan Letter Writing Campaign

Race to Save Ancient Human Secrets

WORLD Archaeologists enlist UNESCO’s help to protect prehistoric sites threatened by karst quarrying. (Nat Geo News) What is karst? Find out here! Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas The Nat Geo News article outlines threats faced by Borneo’s karst landscape. What is karst? Read through our super-short encyclopedic entry to find out. Karst is an … Continue reading Race to Save Ancient Human Secrets