48 Uses of Dragon’s Blood

SCIENCE Mythology is rich with tales of dragons and the magical properties of their blood. Well, a new study indicates that the blood of the Komodo dragon is, in fact, loaded with proteins that could be used as antibiotics. Giant dragon versus superbug. (The Economist) Why are antibiotics so important these days? Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers … Continue reading 48 Uses of Dragon’s Blood

Weekly Warm-Up: 5 Ways to Bring Halloween to the Classroom

Holidays often mean incredibly excited students. And since you probably can’t beat the Halloween hysteria, why not join it? Here are some great ways to bring the monster mash to your classroom. 1) Discover the origins of Halloween. Your students may not know that their favorite spooky holiday has roots that are around 2,000 years old. Challenge them to research the Celtic festival of Samhain, … Continue reading Weekly Warm-Up: 5 Ways to Bring Halloween to the Classroom

Vampire Therapy?

HEALTH A trio of scientific papers show that infusing elderly mice with the blood of young mice can reverse many of the mental and physical impairments of growing old. (National Geographic News) A certain Transylvanian count has known about this for more than 100 years . . . Discussion Ideas Read through the terrific Nat Geo News article, and then look at our “Scientific Method” chart … Continue reading Vampire Therapy?