Blog-a-thon: The Blogunteer, “Trips for Kids”

This blog submission is by Stacy Pearson from The Blogunteer, a blog that is dedicated to inspiring volunteerism by highlighting
the many organizations already out there making a difference and
individuals who give their time. To see more from The Blogunteer, check out their website or follow this link.

November 13-19, 2011 is Geography Awareness Week and
the National Geographic Society is hosting its third annual
Blog-A-Thon.  This year’s theme is “Geography: The Adventure in Your
Community.”  It is about connections between people and their
surrounding environments, local action, and, of course, geography

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Today I will profile an organization that gives kids an opportunity
to explore their local geography on a bike.  The Trips for Kids™ youth
biking program is a non-profit, volunteer organization that provides
mountain biking outings and environmental education for kids who would
not otherwise be exposed to these types of activities.  Their goal is to
combine lessons in personal responsibility, achievement, and
environmental awareness through the development of practical skills and
simply having fun.


The vision for the organization was conceived in 1986 while Marilyn
Price was pedaling up Mount Tamalpais outside of San Francisco,
California.  During her ride, Marilyn was remembering the kids she saw
during her frequent volunteering at St. Anthony’s Dining Room in the heart of the inner city.    Most of those kids had never seen
their city from the high up perspective of Mount Tamalpais, instead
spending their days surrounded by cement and exposure to drugs, violence
and gang involvement.  She thought it would be great if these kids had a
chance to challenge themselves physically.  The idea for Trips for Kids
combined her lifelong love of bicycling, an earlier desire to be a
social worker, and her interest in environmental issues.

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