Texas horned lizard

Creature Feature: Lizards Under Pressure

By Jen Schill and Jeanette Lim from the Biomimcry Institute A lizard covered in horns and spines might not sound appetizing to us, but to many other animals, it’s a tasty treat! Horned lizards, also known as horny toads because of their toad-like round body and blunt snout, live in deserts and semi-arid regions from southern Canada to Guatemala. To fend off predators including hawks, … Continue reading Creature Feature: Lizards Under Pressure

Creature Feature: Woodpeckers are Pros at Protecting their Brains

By Allie Miller and Jen Schill from the Biomimcry Institute Given that there are more than 180 species of woodpeckers worldwide, in many parts of the world, the woodpecker’s distinctive drumming is a familiar sound. These birds can peck at an astounding 8,000 to 12,000 pecks per day, and up to 20 pecks a second. With all of that activity, you’d think Woody would end … Continue reading Creature Feature: Woodpeckers are Pros at Protecting their Brains

Limpets Sink Their Teeth In

SCIENCE Nature’s latest discovered supermaterial comes from a decidedly modest creature: A type of mollusk found on the rocky shores of western Europe. (Nat Geo News) Take a look at our coloring page to see where limpets live. Teachers, scroll down for a short list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas According to the Nat Geo News article, limpet teeth grow from … Continue reading Limpets Sink Their Teeth In

Google Science Fair Winners

SCIENCE Think about what you love, what you’re good at, and what you really want to change. Think about entering Google Science Fair 2015. But first, think about how these young scientists are changing the world, from world hunger to environmental clean-ups. (Google Science Fair) Use our resources to see where science can take your career. And the winners are . . . Natural Bacteria … Continue reading Google Science Fair Winners

New Report on Climate Change

ENVIRONMENT The world’s leading body of climate scientists has released a major report on the impacts of climate change, with the goal of spurring world leaders to act more decisively to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. (National Geographic News) Use our resources to better understand how climate change can be addressed by government, industry, communities, and individuals. Discussion Ideas One of the most pressing concerns about … Continue reading New Report on Climate Change