First Digital Map of the Seafloor Reveals Secrets in the Sediments

SCIENCE Researchers have completed the first-ever comprehensive digital map of our seafloor’s sediment composition, which covers 70 percent of the planet’s surface. (Popular Science) Read more about mapping the seafloor with our profile of geologist Christina Symons. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas Take a look at the legend for the spectacular new seafloor map. … Continue reading First Digital Map of the Seafloor Reveals Secrets in the Sediments

Geography of Happiness

GEOGRAPHY The Saddest Tweeters Live in Texas Researchers analyzed ten million tweets to map happiness in the U.S. Congrats, Napa. Buck up, Beaumont. Discussion Ideas: In their academic study, researchers analyzed individual words used in tweets across the nation. Can students list some “positive” and “negative” words? How do those words match up with the words researchers analyzed? Most positive: laughter, happiness, love, happy, laughed, … Continue reading Geography of Happiness

March Madness Math

SPORTS March Madness Math A couple of self-described frustrated jocks—and business professors—teamed up to produce a model for predicting which college basketball teams would make it to the NCAA Tournament: The Dance Card. The most updated version of the Dance Card debuted in 2009, and has had a 94.4 percent accuracy rate. As the 2013 Final Four are decided this weekend, the Dance Card’s mathematical … Continue reading March Madness Math