Scientists Solve ‘Darwin’s Paradox’

SCIENCE A phenomenon explaining why fertile coral reefs form in the oceanic abyss has finally been proved correct. (Geographical) Use our resources to better understand these oases in the ocean. Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit. Discussion Ideas The Geographical article suggests that long-held assumptions are correct and oceanographers have solved “Darwin’s Paradox.” What is Darwin’s Paradox? … Continue reading Scientists Solve ‘Darwin’s Paradox’

Ancient Hunting Camp Found Beneath Lake Huron

SCIENCE Deep below the surface of Lake Huron, scuba-diving researchers have found an elaborate network of hunting blinds and animal-herding structures dating back roughly 9,000 years. (USA Today) Can you find the sunken treasure? Discussion Ideas The USA Today article reports that 9,000 years ago, water levels in Lake Huron were about 76 meters (250 feet) lower than they are today. The shallower lake exposed … Continue reading Ancient Hunting Camp Found Beneath Lake Huron