Five for Friday: Five Migrations in Baseball History

As the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays prepare
for the final games of the 2008 World Series, we’re reminded of how geography
plays a fun role in the Great American Sport. Often state lines aren’t as important as regional divides or city-pride for
any sports fan and create a new U.S. geography that can’t quite be mapped.

Place is definitely important in sports when we look at the
rare times in history that U.S. (and Canadian!) baseball teams have re-located, creating some very angry and
bitter fans in the process. This week’s Five for Friday highlights five major team
re-locations in baseball history… and can possibly shed some light on some current
rivalries between places!


1902— The Milwaukee Brewers became the
St. Louis Browns in one of the first team relocations.

1903— The original Baltimore Orioles became the New York Highlanders, and then
the Yankees. Ask a Baltimore fan about the Yankees,
and you’ll get an earful for a number of reasons. Could this bitterness have started in 1903??

1955— The Philadelphia Athletics moved
to Kansas City…and then 13 years later to Oakland, California.


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