Wheels of Change in Baltimore

By Lacey Hankin, National Geographic Education Baltimore is both famous and infamous for its Inner Harbor waterfront. The city draws thousands of tourists to its historical harbor attractions, but the water is so polluted that you need to keep a safe distance. The harbor consistently receives a failing grade in its annual Chesapeake Bay Report Card, which has spurred citywide efforts to improve the state of the … Continue reading Wheels of Change in Baltimore

Glimmers of Jewish Glory Days in Baltimore

GEOGRAPHY The once-vibrant Jewish community of Baltimore, Maryland, is on the rebound. Jewish identity is being rediscovered by institutions as varied as the busy Jewish Museum of Maryland and the delis of “Corned Beef Row.” (New York Times) Use MapMaker Interactive to help students trace their own “personal journeys.” Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit. Discussion Ideas: … Continue reading Glimmers of Jewish Glory Days in Baltimore

Happy Holidays, Hon

While home for the holidays in Baltimore, I ventured to 34th Street in the Hampden neighborhood for some Christmas light-seeing.  I was tired of manicured trees and ‘polite’ decorations, so 34th Street was refreshing with its animated reindeer, bright lights and army of inflatable Santas. This single block has gone Christmas-crazy for 61 years, starting with one house on the corner and spreading down the … Continue reading Happy Holidays, Hon

Baltimore Festival of Maps

I recently got the opportunity to visit the Baltimore Festival of Maps at the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore,MD. Organized by the Field Museum and Newberry Library in Chicago, the main exhibit, “Maps: Finding Our Place in the World,” is the largest and most diverse map display since the Baltimore’s map festival over 50 years ago. The unique exhibit has brought in higher than projected … Continue reading Baltimore Festival of Maps