Educator Spotlight: Advocating for Wildlife Conservation

Charlie Pettitt empowered his English as a Second Language (ESL) students in China to advocate for an issue they cared about: wildlife conservation. When Charlie connected his lesson to a topic relevant to his students, they were more willing to speak up, practice their environmental vocabulary, and explore solutions. Charlie implemented this project with eighth-graders. Continue reading Educator Spotlight: Advocating for Wildlife Conservation

An Incredible Story Unfolding

A must watch: These inspiring young girls have taken on the challenge of raising rhino awareness into their classmates’ hands. Know of inspired and energetic students of your own? Share your story with us, and get your students involved. Here are ways to encourage your students to be Rhino Innovators: 1. Get in the know: Help them learn about rhinos, where they live, and why they are … Continue reading An Incredible Story Unfolding

On Being a Geography Major

This blog is written by National Geographic Education Social Media & Promotion Intern, Amelia Tidona, as a part of the Geography Awareness blog-a-thon. For more information about Geography Awareness Week visit, Hey! It’s Amelia again, current Social Media & Promotion Intern for National Geographic Education.  As a recent college graduate coming from a small liberal arts school in rural upstate New York, I’ll admit the … Continue reading On Being a Geography Major