Gosei as an Identity Marker

My intersectional identity as a female of Japanese descent also reminds me of the deep-seated settler intonations when I stand at the front of a classroom, knowing that over 25% of all teachers statewide are Japanese, while only 9% of students are. Data are inverted for the Native Hawaiian or Part Hawaiian representation at 10% of teachers and 25% of the total student population. The percent of Asian teachers nationwide pales at 2.1%, suggesting a microcosmic experience of overrepresentation in Hawaiʻi, but retaining an extremely minoritized status in the United States. Continue reading Gosei as an Identity Marker

Chinese New Year: An All-American Holiday

UNITED STATES A new generation is forming its own relationship with Chinese New Year, an Asian holiday that’s in the midst of becoming an Asian American one. (Los Angeles Times) Celebrate Chinese New Year with our great new study guide! Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers’ Toolkit, including free worksheets and coloring pages. Discussion Ideas Why are Chinese … Continue reading Chinese New Year: An All-American Holiday