April 2010 Newsletter

Read the April 2010 Newsletter: “Going Green with Geography” to find out what a dirt cup is, and more!

April Challenge: Greenscaping: Green Your Yard!
GeoFeature: Celebrate Earth Day Inside
Geography in the News: Casey Trees Community Tree Planting Program
Blog: National Environmental Education Week

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Guestblogger Series: Happy Arbor Day from NYC!

Arbor Day is our national holiday to celebrate tree planting and care. As New York City is best known as a paved paradise, you might not expect to hear this greeting coming from here. But that is exactly why
I am writing today.

NYC_SatelliteImage.jpg                                                               Angela King. Copyright Geology.com

NYC might not seem that green from first glimpse, even from the air. But there are over 5 million trees in our city! Beyond 6,000 acres of woodlands that stand out on the satellite map, there are trees along our streets, on public property, in commercial and housing developments, and in backyards–yes, we even have backyards here!

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April 2009 Newsletter

Read the April 2009 Newsletter: “Environmental April”

Inside: Get Outside!
GeoFeature: The Green Effect: Win $20,000 by Designing Your Own Conservation Project
Geography in the News: The Great Turtle Race
Blog: Environmental Education Guest Bloggers

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Help us Celebrate Earth Week

This week, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd, Arbor Day on April 24th and National Parks Week from the 18th to the 26th. While the actual dates of “Earth Week” vary depending on where you are and who you ask (UC San Diego‘s celebrates it from April 19-25 while about.com says it usually runs from the 16th to the 22nd), it generally falls somewhere … Continue reading Help us Celebrate Earth Week