On the ‘Border’ of Change

nat. geo border.jpgIt has come to our attention that National Geographic has plans in the works to change the color of the magazine border.  The more-than-a-century-old border has adorned the magazine since its first publication in 1888 and has become a symbol of the excellence that NGS strives to achieve in journalism, photography and, of course, geography.

An insider, when questioned on the decision to change the classic yellow border to a new, more identifiable color, noted, “We’re avoiding calling it a ‘change’; it’s more of an update.  We’re freshening up, a spring cleaning if you will.”

Semantics aside, the general consensus seems to be that yellow just is not ‘in’ anymore.  “Sure, in 1891 yellow was all the rage, but now we need a color that says ‘life’ and ‘growth,’ not ‘jaundice,'” senior editor Ann DeSanctis told My Wonderful World early Wednesday morning.

The society is considering green to reflect its dedication to environmental initiatives.

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