Sad Last Stand of the Woolly Mammoth

SCIENCE A new study indicates a small breeding population may have doomed the last woolly mammoths, a theory that could change how we think about conservation efforts today. (Christian Science Monitor) Should we resurrect the woollies? How would we maintain the genetic diversity that is crucial to healthy populations? Teachers, scroll down for a quick list of key resources in our Teachers Toolkit, including today’s … Continue reading Sad Last Stand of the Woolly Mammoth

Global Pangolin Awareness Art Campaign

Hey, everyone! It’s Olivia from OMG here. This month I have the pleasure of introducing everyone to one of my favorite animals in the world—the pangolin. Yes, I spelled it correctly, and I did not say penguin! I am talking about pangolins, which surprisingly and sadly are now considered the most poached and trafficked mammal on the planet—and most people don’t even know what they … Continue reading Global Pangolin Awareness Art Campaign

Holiday Change-Makers List… Are You Checking It Twice?

Since the holidays are coming soon, I wanted to make a list—and check it twice—about simple things that you can do to make a difference. Since my brother and I started One More Generation (OMG) back in 2009, we have created three divisions: Animal Conservation, Environmental Conservation, and Youth Empowerment. Each of these divisions is designed to allow youth around the world to make a … Continue reading Holiday Change-Makers List… Are You Checking It Twice?

“Weirdest” Animals to Get Conservation Attention

In the news today: A new conservation effort aims to protect some of the world’s oddest and most overlooked animal species. The Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered (EDGE) program, led by the Zoological Society of London, focuses on animals that have unique evolutionary histories and face immediate risk of extinction. (Read a news article.) The 10 “Weird” Focal Species for 2007 Pygmy hippopotamus Attenborough’s long-beaked … Continue reading “Weirdest” Animals to Get Conservation Attention

Africa’s Peoples and Cultures

Humans have existed on the African continent longer than anywhere else in the world. Consequently, Africa’s cultures–its languages, religions, art, music, cuisines–reflect a deep past, rooted in ancient kingdoms, nomadic migrations, the Age of Exploration, and modern globalization. Africa is home to many different peoples (such as San Bushmen, north Africa’s Tuareg, and the Maasai plainspeople) and religions (Islam and Christianity share prominence). This diversity … Continue reading Africa’s Peoples and Cultures