Interview with Alexandra Ramaeker Zahn

MWW learned about Alexandra Ramaeker Zahn, a 12-year-old from Iowa who has written four novels, through a friend’s encounter with the her mother at a conference. Following the lead from our friend, we called Alexandra to learn more about her stories, which span the geography of the U.S. and Europe.

Alexandra is a middle school student who participates in multiple sports, as well as Mock Trial, Destination Imagination, Junior Achievement, Jazz Band and Chorus. She has traveled to 18 states and 2 countries with her family. She enjoys learning, in detail, facts about each of the places she has been to. She is curious about other cultures, landscapes, the science of things, and the dynamics of friendships.

Can you tell me the titles of the four novels you’ve written and give a brief synopsis of each?
Moving Streak is the story of an 8th grade girl named Abby who moves around the United States–to South Dakota, Iowa, and North Carolina. She doesn’t know if she really fits in because she moves around so much. By the end of the novel, she finds out who her real friends are, and who she really is.

Deep Down Secrets is set in New York City. It is about a popular girl who doesn’t really love being popular, and doesn’t really know who she’s become. With the help of her best friend, she comes to terms with herself.

Best Year Never
is the sequel to Deep Down Secrets. It goes deeper into the friendships of the protagonist. Some kids still think she’s stereotypically “cool,” but others discover that she is different in important ways.

Princess of Anastesia takes place in Italy, in medieval times. It tells the story of a 12-year-old who lives with a farm family, but discovers that her real dad is a king, and she is a princess. Her father had to give her up because his kingdom was fighting a great war, and the enemies were trying to hurt her.

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