Recliner Rage

UNITED STATES Recently, an argument between airline passengers over reclining seats became so tense that the pilots of the fight diverted the Boeing 737 from Denver to Chicago. Days later, two other flights were diverted because of similar disagreements. (Associated Press) Use our activity “Defend Your Personal Territory” to learn about less drastic measures of conflict resolution. Discussion Ideas Read through our terrific twin activities … Continue reading Recliner Rage

Volunteers Search Photos for Missing Jet

WORLD A new crowdsourcing platform is using satellite imagery to allow the public to help experts solve the mystery of what happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. (CNN) Use our resources to get acquainted with the Gulf of Thailand and Malacca Strait, where the missing jet may have veered off-course. Watch this video to see how planes and helicopters are searching for the missing plane … Continue reading Volunteers Search Photos for Missing Jet

New Maps Track the World in Flight

GEOGRAPHY A transportation planner has used flight data from around the world to create stunning kaleidoscope-style flight path visualizations. (Daily Mail) This animation offers another way to visualize similar data. Discussion Ideas: Look at the new images of global air traffic in the Daily Mail article or this BBC photo gallery. Now look at the “Lights at Night” layer in our MapMaker Interactive. Can students … Continue reading New Maps Track the World in Flight

Five for Friday: Five ways YOU can affect your surroundings

1. Keep the travel industry on its toes.

Did you know that the airlines, hoteliers and other business that make up the travel industry check blogs to see what you think of their services? It’s true, and recently some businesses are changing their practices in response to negative reviews that appear online. So, next time you travel, be sure to let people know if you have a great experience… or a horrible one.
Check out this CNN article for more information.


2. Keep ANYONE on their toes… or just make them angry.

delfinatee.jpgIn addition to blogging your opinions about your most recent vacation, you can also rate and review pretty much any business in your local community via websites like While some businesses become quite upset when they receive negative reviews from yelp users, Pizzaria Delfina in San Francisco has ‘taken back’ the insults and hurled them right back at their customers in a comedic use of irony.
More on Yelp and sites like it here.

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