Meet Becky Schnekser

Well, hello there! My name is Becky, and I am an elementary science teacher in Virginia Beach, Virginia! I am an avid science nerd, athlete, Washington football fan, Twitter-er, Instagrammer, dance mom, soccer mom, and just living that teacher life. I love being in the field, whether it’s on my school campus, a local park, or the Peruvian Amazon. In the field, no matter the … Continue reading Meet Becky Schnekser

Fourth graders explore extreme microbes!

This week is Explorers Week, when National Geographic brings together some of the most interesting scientists and explorers making a difference in the world today. In honor of the occasion, the Education team challenged a group of local teachers to design an end-of-year project focusing on one of National Geographic’s 2016 Emerging Explorers. We’ll be sharing their class’ stories all week on the Education Blog. Educator: … Continue reading Fourth graders explore extreme microbes!

Creature Feature! Sssigns of Ssspring

By Bonnie Long from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality As winter fades away and the earth heats up with springtime sun, many hibernating critters begin to emerge from their long winter sleep. Be on the lookout for reptiles seeking warmth as you explore! Did you know that some snakes hibernate? A common North American group of closely related species are the Black Rat snakes. … Continue reading Creature Feature! Sssigns of Ssspring

What are America’s Best ‘Geosites’?

GEOGRAPHY Members of the British public were asked to vote for the “geo-sites” they felt had done the most to shape the landscape and cultural heritage of the United Kingdom. Now what about the US? (The Telegraph) Take a look through our geography resources and choose your favorites in the 10 geosite categories listed below. What are some landscapes that help define the United States? Why? There … Continue reading What are America’s Best ‘Geosites’?

Educators on Expedition: Sunscreen in the Far North, Who Knew?

The following post was written by 2014 Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Aimee Lampard during her expedition to the Arctic. The Grosvenor Teacher Fellow Program is a professional development opportunity made possible by a partnership between Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic Education.  Expedition Location: Arctic Svalbard, Norway June 11, 2014—I have to say, when I first learned that I would be traveling to the Arctic in June, … Continue reading Educators on Expedition: Sunscreen in the Far North, Who Knew?