Chemists Look Close for the Nobel

SCIENCE Three researchers won a Nobel Prize for giving microscopes much sharper vision than was thought possible, letting scientists peer into living cells with unprecedented detail to seek the roots of disease. (Associated Press) Use our resources to peer into “Mysteries of the Unseen World.” Thanks to our “Mystery” educator, Elaine, who submitted our open-ended question below! What can you think to do with electron, … Continue reading Chemists Look Close for the Nobel

Mapping Women’s Political Rights

GEOGRAPHY Women’s Political Rights Around the World This interactive map displays three sets of data focused on the history of women’s political rights around the world. Using a timeline, the map charts women’s right to vote (suffrage), right to stand for election, and the date of the nation’s first woman elected to office. The map is also clickable, displaying more information on issues that impact women’s political … Continue reading Mapping Women’s Political Rights