How to be an Ocean Hero

Shannon L. Switzer Swanson is an award-winning photographer, published writer, and National Geographic Young Explorer whose work focuses on ocean conservation. There are many definitions of a “hero.” Each of us has our own personal opinion of the qualities a hero must possess and the people we personally consider to be heroes. I don’t know about you, but the idea of a hero as a … Continue reading How to be an Ocean Hero

Check out ‘Map of the Day’!

Our esteemed cartographic colleagues at National Geographic Maps have a new feature we hope will be as habitual as your morning cup of coffee, and a great go-to as you return to class. (For instructional supports, just scroll down!) Map of the Day! National Geographic has compiled a digital archive of its entire editorial cartography collection—every map ever published in the magazine since the first issue … Continue reading Check out ‘Map of the Day’!

Factory-Bound: 15 Great Family Vacations

The author of this blog submission, Debbie Glade of Smart Poodle Publishing, is the Geography Awareness Editor for Wandering Educators. The original version of this blog can be found by following this link. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to plan a vacation around touring some of American finest factories and manufacturing museums. What a fantastic family adventure it would be! Discovering where … Continue reading Factory-Bound: 15 Great Family Vacations

July 4th Around the World

All over the United States, we celebrate Independence Day with fireworks, food, parades, and flags, all supplemented by local trends and traditions. In New York, fireworks will explode over the East River. In Washington, we’ll get a free concert on a Capitol Fourth. In Santa Fe, where I’m from, we’ll take over the town Plaza to eat pancakes. But what about Americans living overseas? For … Continue reading July 4th Around the World

Photo: globe with a magnifying glass

25 Live Cams to Bring You the World

Can’t get away for a summer vacation this year? No worries! Webcams can help. These live streams give us a glimpse at faraway places from the comfort—or discomfort—of our desktops or mobile devices. First of all, be sure to visit EarthCam, which lists hundreds of cams, divided by category. You can also find cams on the world map. Here are 25 places we’re visiting this … Continue reading 25 Live Cams to Bring You the World