The #TeachNatGeo List: The Power of Maps

It’s Geography Awareness Week and this year’s theme is “The Power of Maps.” At National Geographic, we like maps a lot, but for Juan Valdes, they are his life. Juan is the official geographer of the National Geographic Society. That means he is in charge of all things map-related. If we are talking about “The Power of Maps,” there is no one better to talk … Continue reading The #TeachNatGeo List: The Power of Maps

Weekly Warm-Up: Meet Juan José Valdés, Nat Geo’s Geographer

This profile of Nat Geo’s own rock-star geographer, Juan José Valdés, was written by former Nat Geo Intern Justin Fisch in June 2012. It’s as relevant and inspiring now as it was then. Look forward to a beautiful list of Juan’s favorite maps in Monday’s #TeachNatGeo post! What are the first two things you think about when you hear the words National Geographic? (After “geography education,” … Continue reading Weekly Warm-Up: Meet Juan José Valdés, Nat Geo’s Geographer

Cake pops represent data points on a National Geographic world map.

Celebrating Geography

Today’s world is all about choices. What to buy, where to buy it, who to buy it from… and the amount of information that can impact our decisions only increases when talking about something like food. Food has been in focus at National Geographic lately, because it’s a critical juncture point when pondering our future well being. How does what we eat impact our environment and health? … Continue reading Celebrating Geography

Big Cats, College Mascots, and Iowa Schools

Celebrate Big Cat Week with National Geographic beginning November 28th! Written by guest bloggers Dr. Alex Oberle and Mollie Ullestad representing the Geographic Alliance of Iowa (GAI), a National Geographic supported organization that works to advance geography education in Iowa. In between the high fives, pawshakes, furry hugs, and other mascot antics, I’m trying to remember exactly why I dragged our Undergraduate and Administrative Assistants out to take … Continue reading Big Cats, College Mascots, and Iowa Schools

Cultural Geography through Food

It’s Geography Awareness Week! Celebrate & Learn Through Food Sarah Newman lives in Los Angeles, California, where she writes the blog Neesh Noosh: A Jewish Woman’s Year Long Journey to Find Faith in Food. She enjoys shopping at her local farmers markets and growing herbs and produce in her garden. When did your family immigrate to America? What foods are commonly eaten in the countries … Continue reading Cultural Geography through Food