Why We All Need To Focus on Geo-Inquiry More Than Ever!

Schools, districts, and government agencies have all done their best to step up and try to create plans that don’t focus on deficits, but instead find opportunities to help students that create conditions for success. More and more, we are seeing these plans include opportunities for exploration, student-led learning, and reconnecting to the world they were shut out from. What’s more, recent guidelines released by the Department of Education supported these same ideas, creating a “trail” of sorts that schools and teachers can employ to help return students to a sense of normalcy that has escaped them during this past school year. Continue reading Why We All Need To Focus on Geo-Inquiry More Than Ever!

Learn About the Ocean – Anytime, Anywhere

Less than eight percent of the ocean is protected, and yet the ocean covers 70 percent of the planet. The ocean sustains life for all of us who live here, including more than half of the air we humans breathe. We gain food, jobs, travel, recreation, knowledge, growth, and innumerable opportunities from the ocean, and yet we do not give back all that we take. With 42% of the world’s population under the age of 25, we believe that young people and – you – the educators who reach them are key to addressing our planet’s most pressing problems and sustaining a thriving planet. But our greatest stewards of the ocean are learning in classrooms right this minute, and whether they are learning along coastlines or far from the ocean itself inland, and here’s some inspiration for how you can do this for our ocean from fellow educators. Continue reading Learn About the Ocean – Anytime, Anywhere

From Curious Child to Chemistry Teacher: My #ExplorerMindset Journey

There are so many ways to foster an Explorer Mindset. You don’t have to travel to the African savanna to be an explorer! Enroll in the Explorer Mindset course to learn more, for your own professional development as well to learn how to integrate an Explorer Mindset into your classroom instruction. Continue reading From Curious Child to Chemistry Teacher: My #ExplorerMindset Journey

How Planning Remote Plant-Based Lessons Made Me Into a Student Again

During a time when many of us were spending day after day in the same spaces, it felt vital to renew our appreciation of the outdoor spaces that were still accessible to us, like our own backyards. Quite literally. I leaned on the National Geographic Learning Framework as a guide to create lessons and activities that asked students to go outside and engage with the ecosystems surrounding them. I focused on fostering curious attitudes, observation skills, and knowledge of wildlife and our changing planet. Each week from March to the end of the school year, we released “Science at Home” lessons to support students exploring nature from home. The activities covered a range of topics from compost to pollinators and had options to scale up or down depending on grade level. Our lessons aimed to transform things we might encounter every day into fun activities. A dandelion in the park could now be used for an experiment on osmosis, made into a nature bracelet, or baked into a cookie. Continue reading How Planning Remote Plant-Based Lessons Made Me Into a Student Again