Leading the Change: China’s Next Generation of Environmental Leaders

Lobsangshilo, Luorogzhaxi, Geda the Living Buddha, and Yudingnima in their scarlet and orange Tibetan monk robes scramble across the rocky outcropping that hides the razor sharp wildlife snares that were strung days ago. So far, they’ve uncovered heaps of snares and traps along with wildlife carcasses in this remote mountain along the Yangtze River in Yunnan, China. Twenty miles away, three students – He Peng, … Continue reading Leading the Change: China’s Next Generation of Environmental Leaders

Who’s going to the Galápagos?

It could be your student! An incredible celebration of science and young ingenuity is back, and your students ages 13-18 are invited to join the 2015 Google Science Fair. Of special note, the National Geographic Explorer Award will go to the top project in the categories of flora & fauna, food science and earth & environmental sciences. The winner will receive a 10-day National Geographic Expedition to the Galápagos. … Continue reading Who’s going to the Galápagos?

Creature Feature: House Hunting, Hermit Crab-Style

By Erin Connelly and Jen Schill of the Biomimicry Institute Have you ever wondered how hermit crabs are able to find perfectly sized shells as they grow bigger and bigger? Most hermit crabs can be as small as a few millimeters but can grow up to a few inches in length. That’s quite a big difference! Luckily, some of these organisms have found an ingenious … Continue reading Creature Feature: House Hunting, Hermit Crab-Style

Featured Creatures: Nectar Bats

There are more than 1,200 species of bats around the world, all of which fall into one of two big groups: megabats and microbats. You can probably guess which ones are typically– though not always– larger! Megabats include all of the fruit and nectar bats in Asia, Africa, Australia, Middle East, and Oceania. Microbats include all of the insect-eating bats, as well as a large, … Continue reading Featured Creatures: Nectar Bats

An Incredible Story Unfolding

A must watch: These inspiring young girls have taken on the challenge of raising rhino awareness into their classmates’ hands. Know of inspired and energetic students of your own? Share your story with us, and get your students involved. Here are ways to encourage your students to be Rhino Innovators: 1. Get in the know: Help them learn about rhinos, where they live, and why they are … Continue reading An Incredible Story Unfolding